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Bridal Mehndi Designs are in great demand in the modern era. In India the traditional mehndi ceremony has got even more importance as the marriage ceremony now.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs have their unique blend which is a mixture of both ancient and modern designs. These designs are also followed from the ancient times for marriage ceremonies and other auspicious occasions so they too have a significant role in Mehndi designs.

Apart from India, Mehndi is also very familiar in the west by the name ‘Henna Tatoos’ which became popular in the late 90’s. It is also common in the Gulf State of Yemen. The mehndi ritual there is known as ‘Henna Night’ . But these designs are also made available to you thanks to the professional henna artists if you wish to go by the designs and patterns. Rajasthani Bridal Mehndi Designs are Always Best.

Mehndi is considered bringing good luck for the bride. Some have various occasions before the marriage ceremony and want different designs on each day, so it can mixed up with various designs and patterns from the other cultures. Giving a unique touch to the occasion trying out various designs on our hands and feet giving a pleasant and joyful mood to the inner mind and also going by the ancient tradition.